Welcome to Zion Lutheran Church!

Kent Kindelsperger

Our charming historic church offers a warm and welcoming center of faith and fellowship for the families of North Henderson and surrounding areas.

Please join us for a service to see how easy it can be to grow your sense of faith and community.

Family Worship

Sundays, 10am

Sunday School

Sundays, 10am

Bible Study


Community Gatherings

Our Mission

To serve as a visible community of faith by:

  • Gathering together in joyful and music-filled worship.
  • Growing faith in youth and adults.
  • Giving compassionately to those in need.

Visit us!

We always have room for you!

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Zion Lutheran Church
406 South Street
North Henderson, IL

Learn more about Zion Lutheran Church, its history, and our present leadership council and minister:

We look forward to meeting you and your family and showing you the benefits of a supportive, faith-focused community.


We are a close, caring, and blessed family—and family we are. Together, we share God’s abundant grace, mercy, peace, joy and love. God has blessed Zion Lutheran Church through these years and we would like to share these blessings with you. Come see, hear and be blessed!          -Mary Tomlins, North Henderson, IL

Santa Lucia has been observed in our church for many years on December 13th or the closest Sunday. The older of our young ladies has the honor—dressed in white with a crown of lighted candles, followed by attendants and children.          -Joyce McCaw, North Henderson, IL